Welcome To Rawat's Nature Academy

Rawat's Nature Academy is a non-profit organization registred under section 25 of company act 1956. Promoter & Director of the company is Pradeep Trimbak Rawat.

Why Science Matters?

  • Science and Technology in general and Biological sciences in particular are expected to change human societies very profoundly in 21st century.
  • RNA as an organization aims at spreading scientific attitude and access to sources of learning about science. The application of science & technology spreads with ease in the society. However, it is lot more difficult to popularize the underlying temperament of scientific enquiry. Insatiable curiosity, which is a hallmark of science, needs to be invoked. Very often, the conventional modes of teaching and learning fail to invoke enough curiosity and impart the flavor of scientific discovery. Educational and research institution need to make special effort to impart the training that instills to scientific process of ascertaining ‘truth’ about the natural world. RNA wishes to be the converging point for all individuals and institutions who desire to spread the spirit of scientific inquiry.
  • Our library has a sufficiently diversified collection of several domains of science. However, our core focus will be on Evolutionary Biology, with special emphasis on Human Evolution.
  • This library aims at educating the layman and provides everyone the access to scientific literature (books, papers, articles, journals etc) and other learning tools such as video-films and lectures.
  • Though science is a powerful explanatory tool it is seldom used by social reformers. Science education can help us to eradicate anti-social practices, prejudices and superstitions.
  • Health care and medical advances generated today with the emerging convergence between all life sciences will continue to pose new and interesting challenges. It is essential to raise social awareness about health at various level ranging from therapy choice to drug discovery. We would be eager to train not only science teachers and students but also journalists who play significant role in shaping the public opinions and perceptions.
  • There are several other areas, such as climate change, GMO and GM food, evolution of agricultural technologies, where understanding of science plays critical role. Response of the public and policy makers in these matters should be informed and well-educated one. RNA would take every effort to make such policy debates more rational and appropriately tempered by scientific attitude.
  • The Academy is constituted to undertake the availability of world class educational materials to improve the quality of education in India, using science as a tool to eradicate anti-social practices, prejudices and superstitions.

The Basic activities and objective of RNA:

  • To provide a free access library of natural sciences with an aim of educating the layman.
  • To undertake the availability of world class educational materials to improve the quality of education in India, using science as a tool to eradicate anti-social practices, prejudices and superstitions.
  • To serve as an Information Center to actively promote Scientific and Rational temperament and also to integrate history of science, philosophy of science and products of science.
  • To undertake the responsibility for disseminating, scientific world view and knowledge in vernacular language, beginning with translating the information in Marathi.
  • To make available the content of books to general public through web and physical facilities.
  • Create a digital library and share content with institutions and individuals on free access basis.
  • To organize lectures, film shows discussions, and publishes books, e-books, e-pamphlets. Also arrange science exhibitions and donate books and educational materials.

Join us with your ideas and suggestions:

If you are an ‘Individual’, interested in spread of scientific knowledge and attitudes you can suggest us various ways and means which you deem appropriate and associate with us for the same.

If you are an educational institution such as primary or secondary school or high school or college, advanced research institution, then we can collaborate in conducting workshops, organizing lectures or lecture series for your students. We can also organize training workshops for your teachers and other faculty members. We can also organize video-film shows at your campus or premises.

Library Address:

"The Pentagon" ,
109-111, Hotel Panchami Lane,
Pune Satara Road, Pune- 09

Tel : 020-24230888

Email : enqury@rawatacademy.in